LIN/LOG - Output (Clear 12")

‘Output’ was made with the focus of creating technoid structures with analog modular gear. Under the surface of steadily repeating structures its true heart beats for the complex relations of voltage and evolving patterns.

A: Behind the Moon
B1: Burning my Eyes
B2: Oh Doctor, what’s wrong?


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“Fuzzy and organic sounding experimental Techno that screams analog! Reminiscent of work by Cristian Vogel or maybe even Mouse on Mars but with much more of a focus on the analog modular tools it was made with.”
Danjel van Tijn (Intellijel Designs Inc.)

“We are always happy to hear how our products are used, especially when used to make adventurous music like LIN/LOG. Excellent Noise!”

“… has one foot in the catacombs of electronic music and the other on the dance floor.”
Tony Rolando (Make Noise Co.)

“Great! A master of sonic sculpture. LIN/LOG’s approach to modular synthesis shines on Output.”
Richard Nicol (Pittsburgh Modular)

“I think it’s great. It’s full of sounds and moving, and most importantly it’s not just a bunch of noises like many modular users do but actual music. I love it!”
Gur Milstein (TipTop Audio)

“Very nice! There should be more music like this…”
4MS Pedals

“Complex and fascinating soundscapes that is a dream for a modular nerd to listen to.”
Escape from Noise

w&p by Thomas Burkhardt, 2012 LIN/LOG, Artwork by Isabella Burkhardt