∗∗∗ A glurpolphiliac modular blorchfest. ∗∗∗
Robert Rich

∗∗∗ Clever and engaging, Oktant is an epic showcase of modern modular synthesis and a genuine mastery of the craft. ∗∗∗
Andrew Morelli, Steady State Fate

∗∗∗ I have never experienced such a unique piece of work performed and recorded in several one-takes on a modular synthesizer. The vast variety of patches shows the depth of its composer/producer/musician. This, as a whole is a source of inspiration that doesn’t end after the first ten or twenty times of listening to it. Every single part of this album is a complex structure itself. Warning: This is not easy-listening – take your time to enjoy this exceptional sound voyage with all your senses. ∗∗∗
Moritz Scharf, Endorphin.es

∗∗∗ A wide range of material from hypnotic to disturbing to quirky to bleeps&bloops makes this a worthwhile listening experience. ∗∗∗
Brother Theo, Circuit Abbey

∗∗∗ OKTANT promises to be a treasure trove of sonic delights. 64 works. You could think of it as modular track for each square of the chessboard or one for each hexagram of the I Ching! ∗∗∗
Todd Barton

Oktant is a collection of 64 handmade modular pieces, which were performed 2013 – 2014. It’s an vanguard work using the nature of empiricism to form and deform sound from simple waveforms to indescribable noise. It’s complexity is a result of organic, evolving rhythm structures combined with true analog modular sound designs.

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