Tutorial Videos

Since a while I make tutorial videos for friends and partners of the modular scene, mainly ADDAC System, The Endorphin.es, Birdkids, Happy Nerding and Leaf Audio. I’m showing how to use each module in detail and give some advice what you can do with it that might not be written in the manual. I think it is important to show what I am doing step by step so that anyone can understand what is going on. I saw many patches where people just patched anything to anything. Maybe at this point it is necessary to get deeper into the craftship of  working with modular systems. Today working with modulars got pretty hyped, which on the one hand is cool since these techniques already exist a long time unnoticed by the majority of listeners. But on the other hand this overcrowding rush on it is replacing true artists by amateurs. So for everyone new to all this: Take your time, experiment and keep on learning with every patch you make. Here are some of my works: