LIN/LOG live

Playing live is always something special.

You’ll never know what awaits you, not the audience, nor myself. What really is important to me is the fact that the performance is evolving into the unknown from the moment it starts. I try not to prepare too much for each show. Instead I give myself a set of possibilities what could happen. I love when things take surprising routes, especially live. I often start with a sound and after a while when the audience accepts the initial phase I add more and more sounds. In the meantime I really like to check the faces of the audience and to me the most satisfying look is an expression of disbelief and tension.

I started once with a way bigger live setup but then I have reduced it to the most common used modules at a compact size to take it with me more easily. Today my live system contains of two Doepfer style (yes, the best road-ready) cases that are totally custom in color and power supply. For the setup I use 70% ADDAC System modules, because they all have special features I love and which invite for experimentation. Then I also use two Terminals (a never published version with a different delay effect and different vactrols as well as the version after that one), the Furthrrrr Generator (also a never released prototype version with a more aggressive sound), and some modules from 2HP, 1010 and QuBit.

I truly believe that you can express yourself more by building your own instrument than just buying an instrument. The difference is that you can define all behaviors yourself instead of subordinating to rules someone else determined.


To me the most interesting performances are quadrophonic. Here the sound is literally moving through the room giving much more space for sonic expressions. But of course I perform in stereo as well since not all locations are made for quadrophonic sound.

In this post you can listen to some of my live performances in full length. Just take some good headphones and relax.

Thomas Burkhardt