**** Fuzzy and organic sounding experimental Techno that screams analog! Reminiscent of work by Cristian Vogel or maybe even Mouse on Mars but with much more of a focus on the analog modular tools it was made with. ***
Danjel van Tijn (Intellijel Designs Inc.)

*** We are always happy to hear how our products are used, especially when used to make adventurous music like LIN/LOG. Excellent Noise! ***

*** … has one foot in the catacombs of electronic music and the other on the dance floor. ***
Tony Rolando (Make Noise Co.)

*** Great! A master of sonic sculpture. LIN/LOG’s approach to modular synthesis shines on Output. ***
Richard Nicol (Pittsburgh Modular)

*** I think it’s great. It’s full of sounds and moving, and most importantly it’s not just a bunch of noises like many modular users do but actual music. I love it! ***
Gur Milstein (TipTop Audio)

*** Very nice! There should be more music like this… ***
4MS Pedals

*** Complex and fascinating soundscapes that is a dream for a modular nerd to listen to. ***
Escape from Noise

  1. Behind the Moon 06:20
  2. Burning my Eyes 05:07
  3. Oh Doctor, what's wrong? 03:43
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