In times where information is more valuable than gold it is the word ‘security’ that is used more often than any other key word in modern society. Security sounds good to citizens and so they might feel safer when the word is used as much as possible. But safety and security do not mean the same thing. In order to sell security there must be a specific amount of insecurity and there is nothing more insecure than a human mind.
‘Supervision’ describes the permanent surveillance of human beings by taking advantage of today’s technologies. It aims to convey the feeling of every step being recorded and analyzed by unknown individuals and analytical programs. Straight rhythmical structures combined with modulated noises, radio voices and cold endless reverbs create an irresistible hypnotic and paranoid sound. It is the simplicity of elements that make ‘Supervision’ a spectacular and incomparable album.

Also available as limited edition CD.

The Supervision CD is limited to 300 copies only. Each CD is signed and numbered by myself. Get one here.

  1. Hello 01:02
  2. Bodyscan 05:07
  3. So many Eyes 02:24
  4. Tracking Number 05:44
  5. Quantize Me 02:20
  6. Drone Operator 07:39
  7. Nothing but Data 02:00
  8. Automatic Classification 05:09
  9. Mark as Read 02:47
  10. Stakeout Report 05:49
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