„Mikrodynamik“ is a term you’ll find in the field of audio but also in science. In this case it stands for a hypothetical connection between audio signals and botany. Current findings in the field of botany indicate that plants actually have a nervous system allowing them to grow as they want, communicate and most likely feel.
“Mikrodynamik” consists of four tracks that have a deep focus on the behavior of plants. Therefore every sound, every tone, noise and rhythmical structure is moving and evolving within organic patterns. Personally I believe that working with a modular system is like finding your own roots and lets yourself grow according to your personality. There is some kind of deep understanding for what nature is that we all have in common – humans, animals and plants.

  1. Spross 04:31
  2. Tiefenwachstum 04:43
  3. Neues Territorium 04:11
  4. Konnex 03:51
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