Krach (i.e. German for „noise“) is a collection of so called self-generating patches. There is no arrangement in general and therefore each piece is following the only rule of being started, recorded and stopped. What is so special about this album is that these patches are driven by matrices that are switching audio as well as contol voltages in quite the musical way. Each patch defines it’s own set of rules for what signal is routed to which destination leading to stunning extremely complex and beautiful sonic expressions. Since there is no arrangement the overall structure of a piece is defined by events that the modular system creates on its own, but is also restricted by the patch itself. The whole album therefore is an adventurous step into a musical form of controlled chaos caused by man and machine.

  1. Immer online 02:24
  2. Rentner füttern Tauben 02:15
  3. Gender Jazz 03:16
  4. Im Stadtpark 05:30
  5. Lobotomie 04:13
  6. Strahlung 04:04
  7. Tauben füttern Rentner 03:38
  8. Lästige Fliege 03:02
  9. Tunnelblick 03:53
  10. Schattenmann 03:03
  11. Mechanismus 03:32
  12. Letzte Nummer 02:23
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